A mix of sensations...

An unique space.

For a serene meal and an excelence service, in Funchal Madeira Island, Casal da Penha offers you a refined interior room and two outdoor spaces where you can enjoy our specialities under the stars.


Where would you like to sit?

Traditional Garlic Bread 2,50€
Vegetable Soup 4,00€
Tomato Soup 4,50€
Onion Soup “au Gratin” 6,50€
Sea Food Soup 7,50€
Sea Food Cream 7,50€
Cold Starters
Mixed Salad 5,75€
Tuna or Chicken Salad 6,75€
Fresh Cheese (In salad or w/olives) 7,00€
Shrimp Cocktail 9,50€
Avocado with Shrimps 9,75€
Smoked Salmon Involtini w/prawns 13,50€
Smoked Salmon 10,50€
Smoked Sword Fish 10,50€
Melon with Portuguese Smoked Ham 9,50€
Hot Starters
Grilled Squid in Garlic and Olive Oil 13,75€
Spicy Squid “Piri-Piri” 13,75€
Shrimps in Garlic Sauce 15,75€
Prawns “Piri-Piri” or in Garlic Sauce 21,00€
Giant Prawns 28,00€
Octopus Spanish 14,25€
Mussels or Clams Spanish Style 13,75€
Mussels or Clams “à Bulhão Pato” 13,75€
Grilled Limpets 9,95€
Gratinated Artichoke bases 9,00€
Sautéed Mushrooms 7,75€
Spaghetti à la Bolognese 11,75€
Spaghetti à la Carbonara 11,75€
Spaghetti à la Napolitana 9,75€
Sea Food Spaghetti 15,75€
Beef Lasagne 12,50€
Raviolis (Beef or Vegetarian) 12,50€
Omelette of your choice 11,00€
Shrimp Omelette 12,95€
Main Course: Fish & Sea Food
Sea Food “Zarzuela” 18,50€
Espada Fish with Banana 14,00€
Espada Fish in Spanish Sauce 14,00€
Espada Fish in Wine and Garlic 14,00€
Espada Fish in Champanhe Sauce 14,75€
Espada Fish with Shrimps 15,75€
Tuna Steak Madeiran Style 14,50€
Grilled Cod Fish in sizzling Olive Oil 17,00€
Grilled Salmon 15,25€
Salmon in Champagne Sauce 15,75€
Grilled Sole 15,75€
Portuguese Fish Stew 18,00€
Grilled Mixed Fish Selection 21,00€
Fish of The Day (Price per KG) 35,00€
Main Course: Meat
“Le Chateaubriand” (2 Persons) 39,00€
Brasilian Beef “Picanha” (2 Persons) 35,75€
Grilled Fillet Steak 17,00€
Fillet Pepper Steak 17,75€
Fillet Steak Diana 17,75€
Filet Mignon “Casal da Penha” 18,00€
Fillet Steak on the Stone 19,00€
“Espetada” – Madeiran Beef Kebab 17,75€
Beef Medallions in Madeira Wine Sauce 16,75€
Beef Stroganoff 16,75€
Grilled Lamb Chops 19,00€
Grilled Chicken 13,50€
Chicken in Mushroom Sauce 14,50€
Spicy Chicken “Piri-Piri” 14,50€
Grilled Pork Escalope 14,00€
Meat BBQ Selection 19,00€
Rice Specialties
(2 Persons Minimum Price for 2)
Paella 38,95€
Octopus Rice 35,75€
Fish Rice 35,75€
Duck Rice with Chorizo and Bacon 35,75€
Sea Food Rice 38,95€
Note: Rice dishes take a little longer time to cook (expected time of cook around 30 minutes)